OLESTAS EKO company provides the full range of recycling services including collecting, transportation, storage, detoxification and utilization of different sorts of waste materials for businesses and public bodies.



Modern recycling complex

Modern recycling complex

Installed equipment allows to process all the required actions for utilization and liquidation of waste materials in compliance with the government sanitary and ecology standards and European Union directives.

•	Our transport system

Our transport system

Our transport system includes equipped vehicles to carry all sorts of waste products and allows its removal and safety transportation from any point of our country within the shortest term.


Our staff

Our staff is a professional team, which can accomplish the task of any complexity. All the workers have been trained about the rules, technologies and security in recycling.

We recycle Hazardous Wastes of I-IV classes

We work all over the country


We work all over the country


We recycle:

  • mercury and waste containing mercury, thermometers, all lamp types- luminescent, energy saving etc.
  • acid and alkali solutions waste (including waste electrolyte)
  • different types of batteries (including lead accumulators)
  • electric and electronic units
  • galvanic waste materials
  • oil products polluted waste materials
  • water/oil, water/hydrocarbon compounds, emulsion waste
  • dyes, colorants, lacquers, pigments, inks, boiled linseed oil
  • resin, latexes, plasticizers, glues
  • solvents waste
  • clinical and other medicine waste materials
  • pharmaceutical industry waste materials
  • chemical waste materials
  • tare and packing materials
  • absorbent carbon
  • organic waste materials
  • animal husbandry and poultry-farm waste materials
  • glass and glass products
  • plastic and polymer waste materials
  • tires and different types of rubber technical products
  • computers, bank and office devices
  • paper, cardboard waste materials, documents, archives
  • vehicles